Prerequisites & Compatibility


Prerequisites & Compatibility

This section provides an overview of the prerequisites for using the app and its compatibility with versions of Akeneo and BigCommerce.


Akeneo PIM

The following information outlines the compatibility of the Akeneo App for BigCommerce with different editions of Akeneo PIM.

The App is compatible with the following Akeneo PIM editions: 

Akeneo PIM Edition

The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the support and maintenance of the subscribed Akeneo Products are contingent upon the Customer running a version of Akeneo PIM that is officially supported by Akeneo. Any issues or disruptions arising from unsupported versions shall not be covered under Akeneo’s terms of support and maintenance. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure compliance with the specified supported versions for continued access to support services.


The current version of the Akeneo App for BigCommerce can be used to manage multiple BigCommerce stores. 
However, only one locale can be selected for each store.


For a comprehensive list of features, please refer to the Feature Coverage section.



The App is compatible with the following BigCommerce plans: 

BigCommerce Plan
Standard Not supported
Plus Not supported
Pro Not supported
Enterprise Supported


The Akeneo App for BigCommerce is built for the Enterprise versions of BigCommerce. If you are using any other BigCommerce plan, the App will not be a good fit for you due to limitations applied to the BigCommerce API on these versions.

To begin leveraging the power of the Akeneo App for BigCommerce, install the app from the Akeneo PIM App Store and follow our comprehensive setup guide.

You can see the API rate limits for BigCommerce plans here.


Performance and Catalog Size Considerations

To ensure a seamless experience, we have extensively tested our app with catalogs containing up to 50,000 products.  However, if you plan to synchronize a larger catalog into your BigCommerce store, it is recommended to reach out to the Akeneo product team for a feasibility assessment of the data import.


It's important to note that if the catalog you wish to import into BigCommerce exceeds the threshold of 50,000 products, we strongly advise validating your use case with our Akeneo Product Team before proceeding with the integration. 
Our team will work closely with you to ensure that the Akeneo App for BigCommerce can handle the specific requirements of your larger catalog effectively. By engaging with our product team, you can gain valuable insights and guidance to determine the best approach for integrating the Akeneo App with your high-volume catalog. 




To ensure the proper functioning of the Akeneo App for BigCommerce, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Dedicated Akeneo PIM instance: You will need a dedicated Akeneo PIM instance to integrate with your BigCommerce store. If you don't already have one, set up a separate instance specifically for this integration.
  2. Dedicated BigCommerce Store: Ensure that you have a dedicated BigCommerce store where you want to synchronize your product data from Akeneo PIM.
  3. Enable Akeneo App for BigCommerce: The Akeneo App for BigCommerce must be activated in your Akeneo PIM instance by your Customer Success Manager. Please reach out to them to activate the app for your account.
  4. Manage/Open App System Role: To manage and open the app, your account in the Akeneo PIM instance must have the Manage/Open App permission activated. This will allow you to access and configure the app. Please refer to this section to activate permissions.


For detailed instructions on how to set up the Akeneo App for BigCommerce, please refer to the Configuration set-up section.