Manage your group types



Groups are used to bring products together.

You can group all the products on a selection of products to create a theme, for example a collection of products on the same Christmas theme.

Groups types are required to create a product group in Settings/Groups. 
There is no default group. Akeneo advises to create a default group type with code “RELATED”.

List the group types

To see the group types, edit them or create a new group type go to Settings/Group types.

Create a group type

You must have the permission to create a group type from the PIM.


To create a group type:

  1. Click on Create group type
  2. Select the group type code you want to create
  3. Confirm

The group type has now been created and the edit page is displayed. 
The labels can be changed.

Edit a group type

To edit a group:

  1. Go to Settings/Group types
  2. Click on the group type you want to edit in the grid
  3. The edit form is displayed
  4. Only the labels can be edited for a group type
  5. Click on the Save button to save your changes

The code cannot be changed once created.

Delete a group type

To delete a group type:

  1. Go to Settings/Group types
  2. Click on the group type to remove
  3. Click on the Delete button
  4. Confirm the action via the validation message

The group type is deleted.

If a group type is already used by at least one group, then the group type cannot be deleted: an error message appears to tell the user that the group type is used and therefore cannot be deleted.