April 2022 Serenity updates

April brought on some spring cleaning, so we decluttered your attribute creation modal to remove a commonly confused and retired attribute type -- the reference data attribute.


Reference Data Removed

Type: Improvement | Feature: Productivity | Available in Serenity EE and GE since mid-April | 📖 Read the doc

Before the time of Reference Entities, its older relative called the Reference Data attribute remained. It created a bit of clutter, so in the spirit of a thorough Spring cleaning, we've hidden the ability to create Reference Data via the attribute creation modal. That means as an Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition customer, you'll have a smoother experience. And our Akeneo PIM Growth Edition customers never need to be concerned about the differences between the older Reference Data attributes and the Reference Entities you enjoy using. Enjoy that clear, free air!


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