How to use the connector?


How to trigger import jobs?

Where to find import jobs in Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Once the connector is installed in your SFCC instance,

  1. Click on the Administration menu
  2. Then go to Operations : Jobs:

How to manually trigger each job?

  1. Select the job you want to run
  2. Then click on the Run button to trigger the selected job
  3. Wait until the process ends. You can refresh the job status by clicking on the Refresh button.

The Job import process is completed when its status changes to Ok. If it fails, you could download the log file to understand why the import job did not succeed.

How to automatically trigger each job?

When you are on the Connector job page, click on the job you want to automate.

Then click on the Schedule and History tab and define the job scheduling settings.

  • In the event of an automatic trigger, please let a buffer between all jobs so the system can complete all import jobs before switching to another.
  • In the event of a manual trigger, please make sure no automatic process is set in the meantime.
  • Use the differential product import job as much as possible, to enhance the performances of the connector.

How to check that all jobs have been executed correctly?

  1. Click on the Administration menu.
  2. Then go to Operations : job History:

Here, you will find the list of jobs that have been executed until now. You could check the status of each job while browsing this list.

If you experience an error with one of the connector jobs: click on the small icon in the "log file" column to download the log file. You can give it to your technical team for analysis.