What is a project?



A project is a feature of the Teamwork Assistant. It's a new way of organizing your work around a specific activity. It will help you to plan your work alone or as a team.

For instance, you are launching a Summer brand product range and you must have it online on your website by the end of May. All your product information must be filled in by this date. All users that need to contribute on this new product range will know what they have to do.

All users who are part of a project will be able to see at a glance their product’s selection enrichment progress. They will be automatically notified when new information will have to be filled in. Working with the Teamwork Assistant will ease the working processes and communication between workers.

Scalability note 
The Teamwork Assistant has been designed to support a Medium Catalog (see Teamwork Assistant Scalability Guide), ie we do not recommend you to create a project with more than 50,000 products, 400 attributes, 15 attribute groups.


More information

You can have only one project’s creator but you can have several contributors. A contributor is an Akeneo PIM user that will work on the project.

Depending on his/her permissions, he will be more or less active and will get tasks notifications.

The project creator is the only one who can edit and/or delete the project he created.

You can see a project in the Views/Projects selector only if you are concerned by this project.