What's new in Shared Catalogs?

Shared Catalogs enables you to improve your collaboration and data sharing processes in a secure and productive way. If you want to know more about Shared Catalogs, please contact your Akeneo Customer Success Manager.


  • April 2024

    Choose which attributes should be included as search filters

    Make it easier for Shared Catalogs users to find the products they need by pre-selecting the product attributes that will be included as search filters in the published Shared Catalog. 

    Learn how to select the attributes that will be included as filters




  • February 2024

    shared catalogs users february 2024

    All Reference Entity Attributes are now exportable

    Reference Entities provide in-depth information about brands and products lines that need to be shared across multiple products, such as designer profiles, brand stories, and care instructions. Sometimes Shared Catalogs users need to be able to access this information outside of the Shared Catalogs portal. All Reference Entity attributes can now be exported from Shared Catalogs via an XLSX or PDF file, giving users more options for working with the product information in their Shared Catalog. 

    Learn how to export products from Shared Catalogs


  • November 2023

    shared catalogs users november 2023

    Display and group variants by product models

    Now it is possible to group and display variants by product models to deliver a more complete view of all available product options for your Shared Catalogs users. For example, use this capability to make it easy to view all of the color options that are available for a product.

    Product Models can now be displayed on both the product grid and the product page in a Shared Catalog. 

    Learn how to group product variations in Shared Catalogs


    View Product Variations in Shared Catalogs

    PDFs get a new look

    Many of our clients use the PDF capabilities in Shared Catalogs to share product information. We’ve updated the look and feel of our PDF exports to give you a professional presentation of your product information in a format that can easily be understood by someone who may be unfamiliar with your products and their attributes. 

    Learn how to export information from Shared Catalogs in a PDF or Excel format.


    PDF exports get a makeover in Shared Catalogs


  • June 2023

    shared catalogs users june 2023

    All Reference Entities available in Shared Catalogs

    Reference Entities in Akeneo PIM contain attributes that provide valuable details that are shared across multiple products, such as care instructions, brand information, and certifications. All Reference Entity attributes are now accessible within Shared Catalogs, enabling users to access more complete product information so they can quickly find the right products and make more informed decisions about those products. 



  • February 2023

    pim users february 2023

    Expanded branding options

    Customizing your Shared Catalogs can bring a better experience to those that you're sharing your product data with. Therefore, in addition to the personalization of the logo, you can now customize two new options to fit Shared Catalogs to your corporate brand identity. In a nutshell, you can select a cover image for the portal login page as well as for the PDF exports. Also, choose the accent color of your choice. This new feature will create a better experience for your internal & external business partners.


  • January 2023

    shared catalogs users january 2023

    Associations in Shared Catalogs

    The association types refer to the nature of relationships between the products such as alternative products, substitutions for products, cross-sell/up-sell options, or even product sets containing different quantities of individual products. Now, your internal teams and business partners using Shared Catalogs will be able to efficiently leverage this key piece of product data and better support end customers.




  • December 2022

    shared catalogs users december 2022

    Download several media at once from the product page

    Media associated with your products can be key information that you are looking for in Shared Catalogs. To help you make the most of these resources, we have introduced a new navigation bar in the product page and separated Attributes and Media into their own dedicated sections. From here, you can select and download several or all of the media associated with the product at once.

  • November 2022

    shared catalogs users

    Attribute ordering to match Akeneo PIM

    To ease the communication between the Shared Catalogs creators & those who access the catalogs, the order of the attribute groups and their attributes will now follow the same logic as the one defined in the Akeneo PIM Settings. Discover the product information and attribute groups in a similar manner to the Akeneo PIM users for a more coherent experience.

  • October 2022

    shared catalogs users

    Products labels entirely visible

    Sometimes we know that you use product labels that can be very long, and often hold the most important information that differentiates the products at the very end. That's why thanks to our recent enhancements, you can now preview the complete label in the gallery view and view it in the list view. This will enable you to work faster, search easier, and make the most of your Shared Catalogs.



  • September 2022

    shared catalogs users

    Revamped Product Page

    To improve the usability, we revamped the Shared Catalogs product page by adding new key features. Now, you are able to expand or collapse the attributes groups and use the search bar to find more easily the attribute labels & values you are looking for. You can also use the option to hide the empty attributes in the page.

  • August 2022

    shared catalogs users

    Table Attribute now supported in Shared Catalogs

    Table Attributes in the PIM allow you to present product information in a table format improving the readability of the product sheet. Good news, this new attribute is now supported in the Shared Catalogs product page and also in the EXCEL & PDF exports.

  • June 2022

    shared catalogs users

    More filters and operators in Shared Catalogs

    When using Shared Catalogs you need to be able to find the data that you’re looking for with ease. Therefore, to be even more efficient and precise in your product search, you need the possibility to use operators within filters. There are now four news filters: Identifier, Date, Reference Entity, and Price, and operators including logic operators, mathematics operators, and emptiness operators.


  • Late May 2022

    shared catalogs users

    Preview your PDFs in the product page

    When viewing a product within Shared Catalogs, you want to see information often stored in PDFs like manuals and user guides. That's why, with PDF preview, when you're on the product page you can select and preview the PDF assets associated with your product.



  • March 2022

    shared catalogs users

    More languages in Shared Catalogs

    Thanks to the introduction of the application Crowdin which provides a collaborative environment for the community to translate, Akeneo can now support many more languages within Shared Catalogs. When working in Shared Catalogs you’re now in control of choosing the language that you prefer to work in.

  • January 2022

    shared catalogs users

    PDF export for Shared Catalogs

    Shared Catalogs users can export their selected product catalog and the related attributes in a PDF. This export format brings better product visibility and clarity to the reader who needs to work with exported product data that isn’t in a spreadsheet. This experience goes beyond exporting product data thanks to a branded cover page and a clickable table of contents.

    View products as a list

    There’s a new way to view products within the Shared Catalogs product grid. With the list view, Shared Catalogs users can select several attributes and display them in the grid. They can also select and order the attribute columns to make for easy product searching.


  • November 23rd, 2021

    shared catalogs users

    Handling Multiple Catalogs

    Working simultaneously on several catalogs just became a seamless experience. Shared Catalog Users just need to log in once to access all the catalogs linked to their profile from their user interface. To switch from one to another, it’s no longer necessary to log out and back in, they just click on the shared catalog they need. These users benefit from more efficient navigation!


  • October 28th, 2021

    shared catalogs users

    Select the attributes you share

    Make your product exports much more targeted by defining precisely the attributes you are going to share with your stakeholders. Instead of reworking your export afterward, save a great deal of time by doing it from your Shared Catalog dedicated attribute selection section.

  • September 13th, 2021

    shared catalogs users pim users

    Revamped Product Page

    To improve your Shared Catalogs User Experience, we revamped the Shared Catalogs product page completely. Your navigation becomes much more natural and smooth. By switching the image and attribute information, we help you make the best of your Shared Catalog.

    New Filter Management Experience

    We heard you, our Shared Catalogs Users, and we have revamped the filter panel. See which attributes are available and which ones are currently used. This allows you to add relevant attributes or to remove less meaningful ones. We hope it makes your life easier when looking for products on your Shared Catalog.

    Reference Entities Attributes Supported in Shared Catalogs

    Every PIM attribute is now supported in Shared Catalogs. For a complete product experience, PIM users can now share labels and images related to a reference entity attribute, aka, the records. This means that our Shared Catalogs Users can access the most exhaustive product information.

  • August 1st, 2021

    shared catalogs users pim users

    Brand new search bar capabilities

    For a more exhaustive search experience, Shared Catalogs Users can now use attribute values to look for products. For instance, searching for 'Pink' displays all the products with the 'Pink' value in their attributes. This enhanced navigation is a lot more intuitive and much more powerful. Let's go ahead and try it!

    Measurement attributes can be used as filters

    To share and then to find the most relevant products even more quickly, Shared Catalogs Users can now rely on measurement attributes to filter their products. Build the most appropriate product selection by defining filtering criteria such as weight, length, temperature, voltage, you name it! It even works with your custom measurements. How neat is that?

  • June 15th, 2021

    shared catalogs users pim users

    Increased Data Synchronization from PIM to Shared Catalogs

    Ever need to get data from your PIM to your Shared Catalog very quickly? Thanks to increased synchronizations you no longer have to wait. Data synchronizations have changed from every 12 hours to every 2 hours, and more recently every 10 minutes. You can feel confident that the data shared in your Shared Catalog is as up-to-date as possible. *Note that changes to large catalogs will still take time to process, but data will be refreshed as close to real-time as possible.

  • April 23rd, 2021

    shared catalogs users

    Finding the data that you, Shared Catalog users, need can be difficult when your product gallery is large. Therefore, having the ability to search and filter on the page for exactly the products you’re looking for is a game-changer. With category filters you can narrow your search to a specific category and find the products that you need faster, displaying only the most relevant selection in your product gallery.

  • April 6th, 2021

    shared catalogs users pim users

    Supporting 5 Additional Languages in the UI

    Shared Catalogs is accessible in five additional languages: German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese & Dutch. French and English have always been supported within the Shared Catalogs UI. With more languages your international teams and stakeholders can now work in their preferred language and can be more comfortable when using their Shared Catalog.

    How it works: Shared Catalogs automatically detects the user's browser’s language and, if it is configured in one of the 7 available languages, Shared Catalogs automatically chooses the same one for the user interface.


  • February 1st, 2021

    shared catalogs users

    Sharing Assets from the Asset Manager through Shared Catalogs

    Shared Catalogs is designed to help share product information with key stakeholders. We know you need to share and access the assets used to illustrate your product information, like images, pdf files, and videos.As a PIM User you can select and share assets with Shared Catalogs Users through your Export Profiles, easing the sharing process and making your workflows more efficient. Also, as a Shared Catalogs User, you can now benefit from fully illustrated products.

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