The Connections


A new streamlined way to configure connectors from within the PIM

With Connections, you can easily add Source Connections (inbound feeds) from systems such as your ERP, MDM, DAM, or others used to create or update products, attributes, and assets.

You can also create Destination Connections (outbound feeds) meant to distribute product information, like an eCommerce platform, a publishing tool or a syndication solution.

These connections are not limited to collecting or distributing product information; you can also connect to other applications such as a translation tool.

All your connections in one single place

Any new source or destination connection will be visible in the Connections page. You can easily create or update any connection from this screen.

Connections are categorized depending on their flow types (source, destination or other), so you can quickly differentiate between source and destination connections.

You can also assign a logo or image to your connection, for instance, adding a Salesforce logo for your Salesforce Commerce Cloud Premium Connector, in order to more easily identify it.

Save time connecting the PIM to other applications!

With Connections, you will save time creating new credentials for all your new connectors. No need to first create a username and password, then generate a client ID and a secret — instead, all credentials will now be automatically created when adding a new connection.

To easily set up connection permissions, you can now simply directly link your connection user to a role and a group from the setup page. Moreover, to seamlessly set up a connection to an external system, we added shortcut buttons to copy/paste connection credentials.

Finally, because the information displayed under the Connections can be sensitive, we added permissions on this feature, so you can define who can access the connections page.

A new dashboard to monitor all your connections

The Connection dashboard, available under the Activity menu, allows you to monitor data flows generated by the connections declared in the PIM.

In this dashboard, you can quickly and easily see the number of products created or updated by each source connection over the last seven days.

A feature for API-based connectors

The new Connections feature is now the official way to connect Akeneo PIM to other applications. It is based on our API, and is the most stable way to connect to the PIM. It also offers the best performance and works with Serenity Mode.

If you’re looking for a list of API-based connectors, check our marketplace!
Or, to get started, check out our online tutorials on the API website.