April 2021 Serenity updates

In April, Akeneo PIM brings you an improved proposal screen, designed to be more simple and straightforward to use, and a new mass delete action for your reference entity records, to ease your records management.


Review your proposals more efficiently

Type: Improvement  |  Features: Productivity Collaboration  |  Available in Serenity EE only since late April  |  📖 Read the doc

We are happy to introduce our new screen to manage proposals. This screen will make it easier and faster for those of you who, depending on your catalog rights, need to review your teammate or external contributor suggestions. Indeed, it has been designed to be more simple and straightforward to use.

Among other improvements, you can notice that:

  • You now have, directly from the proposal, a preview of your images, PDF files, YouTube/Vimeo links, and reference entity records. Being able to directly see and preview changes will surely help you save even more time!
  • The layout of the proposal has also been reorganized. Current and newly suggested values are now easier to compare, making the whole review process more practical.

Mass delete your reference entity records

Type: New  |  Feature: Productivity  |  Available in Serenity EE only since mid-April  |  📖 Read the doc

Do you ever need to clean up your reference entity records? It's super easy now, you can do it very quickly in a couple of clicks directly from your reference entity record grid. Indeed, you can now delete several records from the same reference entity at the same time. No doubt this will save you a lot of time!