Create products



You can create products directly in the PIM or through imports. Product creation is submitted to specific rights.


Create a product

  1. To create a product, click on Create product in the top right corner of the product grid: 

  2. Select Product
  3. Specify a unique product identifier
  4. Select a family for the new product
  5. Click on Save 

The product is created and its form is displayed; you can start filling its attributes. For more details about product enrichment, you can read enrich your product.


A product can be created without a family, but no attributes will be shown in the product edit form, only the product identifier (a product automatically inherits from attributes set at the family level).



Please note that you first need an identifier attribute created before adding a product from the user interface.



Create a product model

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A product model is used to manage products with variants; it gathers variant products and eases the enrichment of their common properties. To know more about products with variants, check out our article what about products with variants?

To create a product model, click on Create product in the top right corner of the product grid

  1. Select Product model
  2. Specify a unique code to identify the product model
  3. Choose a family
  4. Choose a family variant (a family variant defines how the products with variants are structured)
  5. Click on Save


The product model is created and its form is displayed; you can start filling its attributes. For more details, check out our article enrich your products with variants.


Only the families with at least one family variant are listed. To manage family variants, refer to our article Manage family variants.