What is a channel?



Definition of a channel

A channel in Akeneo defines a selection of products and information to export. A channel can be a website, a print catalog, or a mobile application...

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What is the use of a channel?

A channel defines a selection of products and information to export.

It works like a filter on the product catalog and has the following properties:

  • It is linked to a category tree (and only one!)
  • It has one or more enabled locales
  • It has one or several currencies
  • It has a dedicated completeness
  • It has its own measurement conversions.


A channel is also known as a scope in Akeneo PIM.



How many channels do I need?

You might need a new channel if and only if you need different content for the same attribute (for example, a Description for the web and another description for a Mobile application) or if you need different completeness (for example, a Web channel needs 50 Attributes but the Mobile application only 30).


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