Using Akeneo

You are our dear Julia: the PIM is your daily tool. You want to be productive and have the best products catalog ever. We're here to help you.

#Collaborative work

At Akeneo, we think teamwork is a fundamental key to success. Empower your coworkers, enrich your products as a team!

#Import/export data

Anything you need to know about importing data in your dearest PIM. Here, you'll also find here information about exporting data. 'Cause yeah, product information you cannot export is kind of useless, right?

#Manage your images, files, assets

Product information without any asset, is like Akeneo without Ziggy, it's depressing. Here is how to handle the assets that will liven up your product sheets.

#Manage your reference entities

Your product sheets look good, but you feel like you could do better? Try the reference entities! Create relevant information related to products (e.g. brands, manufacturers, colors, materials, ingredients...) and provide your customers with a rich Product Experience!