• December 2020 Serenity updates

    To end 2020, our PIM is boosted with many improvements that will definitely make your daily life easier. Discover a new way to grade your products. Share and import assets easily. Enjoy an even more flexible catalog modeling when using product variants. And so much more!

  • November 2020 Serenity updates

    Lots of new features and improvements this month! Easily organize your daily tasks with our new private views, better manage reference entities thanks to the new import and export of reference entities records, identify missing images with our data quality feature, and easily monitor your jobs and even stop them!

  • October 2020 Serenity updates

    October rhymes with better productivity, quickly automate your content creation with the rules engine, easily work with product variants and models thanks to our product grid enhancements, better prioritize your data quality focus areas and benefit from other improvements.

  • September 2020 Serenity updates

    This month, we completed the Rules Builder, our new rules engine user interface, and enriched it with additional rules features. We extended the capabilities of product exports to offer you more flexibility and we added new API filters to ease data synchronization.

  • August 2020 Serenity updates

    No vacation for new features! This summer, our teams continued to work on the rules engine user interface: it's boosted with new actions and conditions. We also improved our API usability by adding search filters when retrieving attributes and families.

  • July 2020 Serenity updates

    In July, the rules engine started a makeover to offer you a new screen to more easily create or update rules; but also check out our new association type, as well as other improvements on the Connection messages, the spell-check feature and date rules condition!

  • June 2020 Serenity updates

    In June, teams will be more empowered than ever! Check out our new product duplication feature, get a better user experience with our new attribute options screen and our rules engine updates, and execute asset naming conventions with more flexibility.

  • May 2020 Serenity updates

    The month of May brings improvements for error management on Connections, more flexibility for your data modeling thanks to a brand new association type, more control and visibility on the ongoing PIM jobs and additional features for the rules engine!

  • April 2020 Serenity updates

    This month is full of new features and updates! Discover our new measurement families, improvements on product associations and on the Connection dashboard. But that's not it! Find out new rules actions and our latest data quality improvements.

  • March 2020 Serenity updates

    This month, enhance your productivity thanks to new rules engine capabilities, better model your catalog with new measurement units and families, and finally keep on improving your product information with data quality extended features.

  • February 2020 Serenity updates

    This month Serenity updates include two new improvements: a new asset management operation to optimize the weight of your transformed files and new warning messages on usernames for the Connections